About Thompson Industries, Inc. in Sycamore, IL

In 1973, Ed Thompson Sr. left his job managing the tool room at a large manufacturing company to pursue his dream of opening his own machine shop. He purchased a small building located in the town of Genoa, IL and began producing parts with just a couple of machines and his own two hands. As business continued to grow as a result of the high quality service, Ed Sr. added more machines and more staff in order to handle the additional business. In 1988, Ed Thompson Jr. joined Ed Sr. and the 2 grew the business together. Following Ed Sr.’s retirement in 2001, Ed Jr. assumed the role of president and has taken the business to new levels. The company has since built in a 22,000 SF facility in their home town of Sycamore, IL. Thompson Industries continues to add talented staff as well as the latest in machine technology in order to accommodate the ever changing customer demand.

“The way to go for all your manufacturing needs”

About Thompson Industries

Quality Control

Thompson Industries, Inc. is committed to achieving and maintaining internationally recognized standards such as ISO/9002. With over a century of combined machining experience, our staff understands the importance of quality and is committed to ensuring that we deliver quality parts each and every time. Each part that comes off the machine is inspected thoroughly which is why Thompson Industries, has received many awards for their quality products.

“Committed to exceeding customer expectations”

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Our Promise

“Our promise at Thompson Industries, Inc. is to provide the highest quality parts, on time, and at the most competitive prices. We are a company that prides ourselves on VALUE and we are committed to providing each and every customer the best possible VALUE”

Whether it is expediting delivery, or helping a customer reverse engineer a part, Thompson Industries will always go the extra mile to ensure our customer is provided that extra service.


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